Scotch Whisky Experience

Embark on the ultimate whisky experience 

Put the Scotch Whisky Experience on your must-do list and you'll learn so much more about Scotland's most legendary beverage. Take a tour in the heart of the place known for its fine whisky-making traditions . It's at the Scotch Whisky Experience where you'll be introduced to time-honored traditions that go into the meticulous whisky-making process. Each Scotch Whisky Experience is unique within itself, offering guest the unique opportunity to choose just the right experience. 

Tour options for the whisky enthusiast 

The Silver Tour is a good entry point for guests looking to get a formal introduction to the world of whisky. The tour includes a whisky barrel ride through the production of scotch whisky, a walk-through of the aromas of whisky, a crystal whisky-tasting glass as a gift, an audio guide (available in 20 languages), and a guided tour (including nosing and tasting) of two scotch whiskies with a special pairing of an exquisite, artisan chocolate. The Gold Tour is the ideal opportunity to upgrade your tasting experience to members club status, all while receiving an additional four whiskies. After first taking part in the full Silver Tour, you'll become a member of the Scotch Whisky Appreciation Society and have a good range of knowledge to prepare you for the Gold Tour. This tour includes tasting notes to take home, a tasting tray of three single malt scotch whiskies, a pairing of a Scottish artisan cheese with your Islay whisky, a one-year membership to the Scotch Whisky Appreciation Society, as well as discount pricing at the Scotch Whisky Experience bar, restaurant and shop (within the membership year). The Platinum Tour is the ultimate luxury tasting experience. This event is a whisky lover's dream - made up of an early evening tour, a guided nosing and tasting of five distinctive single malt whiskies – with two of the selected whiskies, paired with artisan cheese and chocolate. Your platinum experience also includes a beautiful boxed crystal whisky tasting glass and a special complimentary gift. 

Morning Masterclass 

Here's the perfect opportunity for the true enthusiast: an in-depth tour, kicked off with a welcoming arrival coffee and shortbread. On this tour, attendees will partake in an intriguing sensory perception test that prepares you for a comparative tasting of one blend, one single grain and two single malt whiskies - rounded out with a nosing of a new-make spirit. 

Pairing the dining and whisky experience 

Here is where the scotch whisky and Scottish cuisine worlds unite for a common cause. Fresh from your in-depth Platinum whisky tour, you'll be seated in the award-winning Amber Restaurant, where you'll be treated to the renowned Taste of Scotland menu. 

Educational Tours 

Student tours are also available upon request. These tours will be delivered by a member of the Scotch Whisky Experience management team, and are ideal for students of the tourism, hospitality or events industries.