Wales Millennium Centre

Visit the Wales Millennium Center and discover world-class, critically-acclaimed and diverse theatrical productions and artists unique to Wales and the surrounding area. The theater group creates its own productions, festivals and events for all to enjoy. 

Go see a play

From accessible parking to dining out, there are plenty of activities to take part in at WMC. Some of the longest running plays in theater history are still available, in addition to some of the hottest plays off Broadway. Through numerous artistic programs, WMC aims to contribute to Welsh culture in all its diversity, to nurture Welsh talent in a range of skills related to the arts. The theatre group also offers a platform for national artists to deliver a creative experience reflecting contemporary culture to visitors of the center. Artistic performances are in both Welsh and English, reflecting the nation's bilingual culture. You'll enjoy the creative, innovative, culture-defining work as you engage in, what the WMC theatre group believes to be art that changes lives. 

Interactive learning 

The Wales Millennium Center presents large-scale, cutting-edge theatre productions. And the theatre has also worked to become a cultural center for its younger visitors. Through its artistic program, the Wales Millennium Centre brings Welsh culture in all its diversity, to both the local community and visitors from abroad. 

Performances for all audiences

WMC also produces activities and productions designed for children, young people or adults who may have disabilities, additional support needs and those on the autistic spectrum. 

Audio-described performances 

At audio-described performances, live commentary relayed via headset describes the visual elements of the production sets, costumes, props and facial expressions. Touch Tours for blind or partially-sighted visitors are also available if needed. 

Signed performances

At British Sign Language (BSL) performances, trained describers interpret the script and language used by the performers at the same time it is being performed. Specific seats can be allocated in the theatre so that you can read the signer's interpretation clearly. 

Captioned performances 

During these performances the actor's words appear on a screen next to the stage or in the set at the same time they are being spoken or sung. The captions also provide additional information that is helpful to deaf and hard of hearing audiences, such as indicating speaker names, sound effects and offstage noises.


You won't need a ticket to visit Wales Millennium Centre. The center is open for lunch, meetings and people watching seven days a week. Overlooking the iconic waterfront of Cardiff Bay, fresh is the perfect place to start and end your evening.