Bristol Zoo

At 175 years of age, Bristol Zoo is the oldest provincial zoo in the world. Bring the entire family out for a day of fun, learning and exploration, spanning a range of diverse animal enclosures serving as home to a great variety of species. Land, sea and air animals can be viewed in surroundings that closely reflect their natural habitat. 

Animal exhibits 

The very popular Seal and Penguin Coasts exhibit is the place for South-American fur seals and African penguins to relax, play and live in a space where they can be observed both above and below water. The Forest of Birds features exotic plants and free-flying birds from Southeast Asia. Gorilla Island is home to a family of western low-land gorillas, the largest animals housed at Bristol Zoo. The Top Terrace is one of the oldest sections of the zoo and home to a pair of Asiatic lions, keas, red pandas, and more. The Reptile House is where you'll find an impressive collection of reptiles and amphibians housed in three sections: Desert, Rainforest the Rearing Room. The Aquarium has around 70 species of fish and is parsed into three sections: The Amazon River (filled with catfish, pacu and piranhas), Africa (which displays chiclids) and the coral reef (showing off seahorses, corals and a variety of fish species). 

Bug World is where the zoo's collection of invertebrates reside including partula snails, stick and leaf insects, corals and peacock mantis shrimp. Other displays include tarantulas, black widow spiders, giant millipedes, honey bees, leaf-cutting ants and Lord Howe Island stick insects. It's at Bug World where you'll also find the critically endangered desertas wolf spider. Zona Brazil has an enclosure for golden lion tamarins and goeldi's marmoset. There is a nearby enclosure and island for golden-headed lion tamarins as well as an enclosure for the titi monkey. As part of the walk-through there are also a variety of bird species and three linked paddocks for tapirs and capybaras. Monkey Jungle is home to crowned and ring-tailed lemur, where visitors can walk freely amongst some of the zoo's most beloved inhabitants. The zoo also has enclosures that are home to both brown spider monkeys and lion-tailed macaques, two-toed sloths and six-banded armadillos. 

The Butterfly House is made up of an undercover walk-through in a sustainably-heated, climate-controlled tunnel. Species to be found in this exhibit include the blue morpho butterfly, glasswings, leopard lacewings and atlas moths. The zoo is dedicated to its work in conservation and animal breeding. Throughout its distinguished history, Bristol Zoo has remained at the forefront of animal welfare and helped save 175 species from extinction.

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