Cadbury World

Take things one sweet step at a time 

Birmingham is home to Cadbury chocolate and the family attraction Cadbury World. There's a ton of interesting, fun and just plain old tasty things to do, experience, explore and eat at this candy-making paradise. 

4D Chocolate Adventure 

Get things off to a thrilling start aboard the Crunchie Rollercoaster, as you dive into liquid Cadbury dairy milk! Join Freddo, and a host of Cadbury characters, as they whisk you away on an adventurous journey in 4D-cinema, complete with motion seats. You'll also take to the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg airship piloted by none other than the Caramel Bunny. 


Find out how popular Cadbury brands are made, including Creme Eggs, Buttons and Roses.

Bull Street 

See what would have been for sale in Richard Tapper Cadbury's drapers, and John Cadbury's tea dealer shop back in 1824.


Step into one of the Cadbury Beanmobiles and enjoy a gentle ride through a chocolate wonderland full of familiar characters. The Beanmobiles can accommodate wheelchairs, so everyone can enjoy the ride. 

Purple Planet 

Ever played in chocolate rain, grown your own cocoa tree or chase Creme Eggs? Interact with chocolate like never before in an experience you will never forget. Making Chocolate Story Here's where you'll find out how the experts do it. Discover how it's made and hold on tight. You could be in for a few surprises! 

Aztec Jungle 

Travel 1,000 years back in time to Mexico, where you'll walk through the tropical rainforest of the Mayan Indians. Discover the origins of the cocoa bean, amidst trees and waterfalls, deep in the ancient tropical rainforest.

Cadbury Story

John Cadbury shares the inspiring story of his early struggles to establish the Cadbury business. 

Bournville Experience 

The Bournville Experience focuses on the Quaker ethics of the Cadbury family and how the Bournville Village came to be. 

Have a Go! 

Learn how Cadbury chocolate is made as a professional chocolatier guides you through the traditional chocolate-making technique of tempering. 

Journey to Europe 

Learn how Hernán Cortéz brought the wonderful cocoa bean back to Europe and how chocolate quickly became the drink of choice in high-society. African Adventure Play Area Take on the heights of this jungle gym adventure area for kids ranging from ages 5-14. 

Cadbury Café

The Cadbury Café serves everything from sandwiches and cakes to a wide range of hearty main meals, suitable for all tastes and open to both the public and Cadbury guests. Green Screen Take a fanciful dip in the flake bath, jump out of Easter eggs and surf on a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar as you choose from a selection of backdrops for your green screen photo experience. 

World's Biggest Cadbury Shop 

No visit to Cadbury World would be complete without stopping by the world's biggest Cadbury shop where you'll find treats and plenty of special offers that you won't find anywhere else. Your visit to Cadbury World will definitely not disappoint.