Carpathian Mountains and Hoverla

The Carpathians are a range of mountains forming an arc roughly 1,500 km (932 mi) long across Central and Eastern Europe, making them the second-longest mountain range in Europe after the Scandinavian Mountains. While you may think of skiing or sledding when it comes to mountain ranges, these picturesque peaks are bursting with summer activities as well. Just imagine: an ecologically superb climate, fresh mountain air, and unpolluted spring water. The Carpathians are an untouched gem waiting for those who love to explore the outdoors.

Climb the Highest Mountain

Want to set yourself a real challenge? The Carpathians are home to some challenging peaks like the highest geographical point of Ukraine: Hoverla of the Chornogora mountain chain. Not only can you take in the breathtaking views of the Carpathian Mountains but also such incredible places like the mountain lake Nesamovyte, the river bed of the Prut River, and other marvels of the high Carpathians.

A Biker's Paradise

Off-roaders to easy-riders will be able to find their perfect trails. The Bukovel Bike Park offers three categories of trails:  blue, red, and black. The surface of the trail is covered with natural soil and has a number of wooden bridges and trials. Lovers of mountain biking and those who prefer cycle tours on straight roads can choose any route, ranging from 2 to 50 km or even longer.

Experience nature up close and personal

Whether this is your first time in the saddle or your 500th—don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of horse riding tours in the Carpathians. Most of the routes go through forests and picturesque meadows, pass near waterfalls, and lead to valleys and mountain peaks otherwise inaccessible. A stop at the farmstead at the Carpathian National Nature Reserve gives you an opportunity to see various wild animals in their natural environment. In the mountain valleys you even have a chance to meet local shepherds who will gladly share their secrets of making cheese (brynza, budz, vurd, etc) and will offer you a bit to taste!

White Water Rafting

Chorny Cheremosh (Black Cheremosh), Dzembronya, Didiv Likot (Grandpa's Elbow), Bila Kobyla (White Horse), Huchok, and Huk: these spectacular rivers will take your breath away—literally. Experience speedy (15-20 km/h) rafting, overcoming the most difficult river rapids. Trips conquering the waters can be short (general program is 10 km or 1 hour) or long (trip to Verkhovyna, 20 km or 2 hours).

Quad Bike Tours

A ride on a quad bike in the Carpathians is an exciting activity for those who want to take their vacation to the extreme. Quad Bike tours go through the mountain chain in the Yaremche region and through the Bukovel Resort. You'll experience the mountains like never before and have some amazing selfies to prove it!

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