Ranch Adada Djerba

Giddy up and ride a horse, pony, or camel around Djerba. What better way to tour the beautiful island than on the back of one of these majestic creatures that will lead you through the shallow waters, across the desert, or along the shoreline? The Adada Ranch was created in 2013 by a Belgian and Tunisian couple with many years of experience who are passionate about horse riding and horses in general. Together they offer a variety of equestrian activities for a memorable trip around the magnificent island.

Take the ride of your life

The Adada Horse Riding Company is located in Taguermess which is not far from the city center of Midoun on the island of Djerba. The ranch breeds foals and trains them to be ridden by visitors. Ranch Adada Djerba was created in order for tourists to be able to see and reach more of the island in one day. From the ranch, you will be able to take a number of wonderful excursions across the island on horses, ponies, or camels. These activities can be customized depending on your requirements. You'll explore the island on fabulous trips through the most beautiful spots. Stop on the picturesque sandy beaches of the island to enjoy a delicious barbecue and cold drinks to quench your thirst. Or, ride alongside and even right through the placid and picturesque lagoon, as the shallow waters lap at the horses' hooves.

Professional staff and assistance

Whether you are small or large, a beginner or an experienced rider—the company will have a trusty steed for you. The ranch can easily accommodate groups large or small. Most importantly, you will be supervised by a team of professional staff who will accompany you throughout your ride, so that you can enjoy your tour of the island safely and feel confident with mastering your mount and knowing how to react in certain situations. For the more advanced riders, staff will be on hand to offer tips on how to get the best out of certain horses or camels for an even more enjoyable ride. If you're visiting during the hot season, guests are recommended to go after 17:00, as the temperatures will be cooler and more manageable then. If you're visiting Djerba and looking for an adventurous way to tour the island, do not hesitate to try this experience that will leave you feeling closer to nature.