Krokodilfarm Animalia

Walk around and view 400 reptiles at the Crocodile Farm, one of the three parts of the Djerba Explore Park, a perfect way to spend the day for the whole family.

Djerba Explore Park

Located in the eastern part of the Tunisian island, Djerba Explore Park has more ways than one to help you spend your day. After the park entrance, go down the main street surrounded by a lot of shops, coffee shops, and restaurants leading you to the Lalla Hadria Museum. Learn more about the area at this archaeological museum, boasting a large collection of artifacts. The third part of the park is "the Heritage," where you can visit the classic Djerbian mensel, the house-khauch, and find out more about the way of life of the Djerbians in the old days.

400 crocs of all sizes

Admire the ferocious appearance and smooth movements of the residents at Krokodilfarm Animalia, a crocodile observation center located within a wider cultural park. At the wildlife park's entrance, be impressed by the Arabian fort reflecting the desert architecture. Around 400 crocodiles call this place home, where landscaped enclosures re-create the desert and the fertile tundra along the banks of the Nile. This is the biggest crocodile farm within the Mediterranean area, bringing many different types together from Madagascar to the more local African crocodiles. The Nile crocodile is one of the most frightening specimens: some of the males can reach a length of 7 meters and a weight of one ton. But don't rush to the big reptiles right away—consider having a closer look at the glass tanks to the left of the entrance to observe the fascinating show of hatching crocodiles. Hatchlings are dependent on their moms to open up the nest. Once opened, the young can crawl out on their own or mom gives them a ride to water.

Feeding the crocodiles

Catch the reptiles at feeding time (4 or 5 pm depending on the season; make sure to ask when you enter the park, as you don't want to miss it!) for a particularly memorable experience. Trained handlers show how the crocodiles eat and digest their food. You might get lucky and be given a crocodile tooth! If you get a little hungry yourself, grab a snack at one of the vendors serving delicious local and international dishes, at "The Food Corner" and "The Faenza." Closest to the museum, escape the bustle of the park by sipping a refreshing cup of mint tea on the terrace of "The Grand Café."