Hammamet Beach

Hammamet, a relaxing Mediterranean city

Stretched out across Cap Bon's southeastern coast like a lazy sunbather, laid-back Hammamet ("the baths" in Arabic) is Tunisia's original resort town. Formerly a small fishing town, Hammamet is nicknamed the "garden resort" for its white sand beaches intermingled with citrus trees and olive groves. All resorts in Tunis have wonderful parks but even among them Hammamet stands out with its luxurious gardens and jasmine flowers all over. The main principle of urban planning here is that houses must not be higher than cypresses. Take in stunning Mediterranean Sea views as you unwind by the beach at this picturesque holiday destination. Dive into crystal clear waters, perfect your tan while reading your favorite book, and at the end of the day, enjoy stunning sunsets by the shore.

Explore a vibrant medina

Get a taste of African culture while browsing the historic city center, reflecting Hammamet's multicultural past and Mediterranean culture. The city was first founded by the Phoenicians in the 1st century BC, and later came under Roman, Byzantine, and Arab rule. It was at one point taken over by Spanish pirates, and then came under Turkish rule. Fortress walls from the 15th century still surround the medina and its extremely well-preserved Big Mosque. While strolling around the medina, pick up a hand-painted treasure or souvenirs crafted from jasmine at one of the local shops.

Seaside activities

Besides swimming, sports lovers will be delighted to find a variety of outdoor activities like paragliding, jet skiing, tubing, golfing, or even camel rides along the beach. Kids will have great fun visiting Carthage Land amusement park—a well-designed theme park, where the family will enjoy going down the slides and getting a rush of adrenaline riding the King Kong roller coaster. After sundown, experience exciting Hammamet nightlife and restaurants. The seaside offers many opportunities to pause and enjoy local specialties, such as seafood. Don't miss the lobster!