Friguia Park

A fun-filled day out for both adults and children, Friguia Park has so much to offer its visitors. The park is one of the first of its kind in North Africa, set up in collaboration with its European and South African counterparts, such as the zoo in Paris. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, near the Gulf of Hammamet. The aim is to educate the park's visitors about preserving endangered species and to take part in international breeding programs that will eventually lead to the reintroduction of animals to the wild. The park has been a local success since it opened to the public in 2000. A total of over 400 animals and 62 species roam the park's 36 hectares. There are animals from all corners of the world, including pink flamingos, kangaroos, lemurs, white lions, and African elephants. Wooden walkways lead you through the big cat area, where you can observe cheetahs, lions, and tigers roaming in the large enclosures. In these forest paths, the animals live in conditions which allow hundreds of species to live as they would in the wild.

Sea fun

Twice each day, the sea lions put on a lively and spectacular show for the audience which is not to be missed. However, perhaps the most entertaining park residents are the bottlenose dolphins, which visitors can actually swim with at the Dolphinarium built in 2010. Travelers can book a half day excursion to Friguia Park to receive entrance to the park, a ticket for the dolphin show, wetsuit rental, and a 30 minute swim with these majestic animals. In addition, you will have a few hours to explore and take in the rest of the wildlife park.

Other attractions at the park

Additionally, there are regular performances of African folk troupes at the park, allowing visitors to enjoy a taste of local culture. They'll also get a taste of local food. Friguia Park has several snack bars, restaurants, and picnic spots for those who wish to eat while there. Souvenir shops offer everything from jewelry, wooden African ornaments, and leather items, to paintings, all of which make ideal gifts and souvenirs to bring home. Reaching the park from Hammamet is easy. A train will take you straight to the wildlife park. Allow more than two hours to fully experience this complex, which will allow you to get close to nature in a truly beautiful location.