Carthage Land Hammamet

Hammamet, Tunisia is a wonderfully quaint location, snugly wrapping around a cove on the Cap Bon Peninsula. This is Tunisia's original tourism resort. Its sandy beaches and pretty, well-preserved medina (old town) are the main points of interest, and the town itself is a gentle introduction to the culture and traditions of North Africa. A major attraction in the area and a perfect place to take the entire family is Carthage Land Hammamet. There's something for everyone in the family to enjoy at Carthage Land Hammamet. Although relatively small in size, this British-themed park has more than enough fun and games to take on. Carthage Land is the first theme park in the entire northern region. Carthage Land Hammamet is a wonderful place to visit just about any time of year. Summer, however, brings festival fever to the city with a plethora of music and theatrical offerings you can tie into your trip to Carthage Land.

Carthage Land consists of five different parks. There is Carthage Land which is a fun park on its own, and mainly for older kids and adults. Aqualand is a water park made for all ages. There's also a water playground for smaller kids, a pirate boat with slides for bigger kids, and big slides for both kids and adults. For smaller children, the Ali Baba Park features a really great indoor playground. Other parks to check out include Aladin Park and Babarouse Park. In addition to the five parks, one of the major attractions of Hammamet is its beaches. You'll find all sorts of fun beach activities including swimming and various water sports. Carthage Land Hammamet is located on the southeastern section of Cap Bon and is part of the Governorate of Nabeul. The area is particularly known for its abundance of jasmine shrubs throughout the region, and is the namesake of the tourist resort of Yasmine Hammamet. All over Hammamet, souvenirs crafted from jasmine can be found. The staff at every local store are always polite and helpful. Carthage Land Hammamet is a fun place for family activities, or simply for walking around and getting a feel for how the locals spend some of their leisure time.

Great places to eat

There are several good restaurants in the area, with plenty of awesome food choices that are all reasonably priced. Along the road there are lots of great shops, with cafes perfectly placed to help ensure you have a comfortable and relaxing visit.