Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest in Switzerland at 44 square miles and has a uniquely beautiful location. Nestled in between mountains, it offers the opportunity to take in spectacular views of the area.

The heart of Switzerland

Sometimes called the heart of Switzerland, the lake holds an important place in Swiss history. The meadow above the lake, Rütli, was the setting for the oath taken in 1291, which laid the foundation of the Swiss Federation. On August 1st that year, the Rütli Oath was taken to form the Swiss Confederacy and this day is now celebrated each year as the Swiss National Day. Starting at the Rütli meadow is the famous Swiss Path, a themed hiking trail, which allows walkers to discover moments in Switzerland's history. The trail is 35 kilometers long and will take you to different historical locations, while allowing you to explore the beautiful scenery. If you enjoy nature, then you can walk the whole trail or just certain stages. Many sections are wheelchair friendly and easy to navigate.

Discover the lake's surroundings

Lake Lucerne is also known as the Lake of the Four Forested Cantons, where the River Reuss and the city of Lucerne sit on the northwestern end. Lucerne is a modern but also medieval city of timeless architecture and breathtaking natural beauty. The city is compact enough for taking casual strolls yet large enough to give visitors plenty to explore. Check out Lucerne's main landmark, Chapel Bridge. It was badly damaged by fire in 1993 but quickly repaired and renovated, and remains the oldest covered bridge in Europe.

You can explore Lucerne's old town to find half-timbered houses with painted facades and the well-preserved medieval Musegg Wall with its nine towers—all part of the old fortifications of the city. If you're up for it, you can even take a one-way trip to any of the pretty towns along the lake and hike your way back.

Cruise along the lake

Guests have the incredible option to see this magnificent region on board historic paddlewheel steamboats or chartered yachts. A cruise along Lake Lucerne on a sunny day offers some of the most stunning nature views in all of Switzerland. No matter the season, cruises along the lake are enjoyable for guests exploring the area. The paddle steamers offer stops at the villages that hug the shoreline and you can even hire them out for business or personal events.

Dining aboard a steamer

One of the best ways to enjoy the sights of Lake Lucerne may be settling down for an exquisitely prepared gourmet lunch on board one of the many available steamboats transporting both locals and visitors around this historic region. The turn-of-the-century craftsmanship of the charming paddle steamers dates back to the beginning of the 1900s, and perfectly blends with the allure and majesty of the surrounding mountainous backdrop. Whatever you choose to do when visiting Lake Lucerne, your trip to this one-of-a-kind region will surely not disappoint.

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