Andermatt Concert Hall

See a concert or hold a meeting at this extraordinary space—one of the highest of its kind in the world. Andermatt Concert Hall’s immaculate design, multifunctionality, and adventurous performing program make it an incredible cultural center for Andermatt, and a wonderful place to take a break from the ski slopes.

With capacity for up to 700 guests, it’s the ideal venue for those looking to host business or social events in a spectacular setting.

Unique design

The modern concert hall was designed by London-based architects Studio Seilern. They designed this 700-seat hall with a flexible stage and amazing acoustics, which were planned by Kahle Acoustics and dUCKS scéno—the same teams behind the Philharmonie de Paris.

The soaring venue made of light wood blends into its surroundings seamlessly and has a bold glass facade that means that winter concert audiences are surrounded by a whirlwind of snow, while summer concerts are enriched by nature and sunshine.

From street level, passers-by can see into the concert hall and marvel at the spectacle of the orchestra in full flow, essentially becoming a part of the audience. It also acts as a piece of public art: The sculpture-like acoustic reflectors appear to float over an empty space.

A cultural hub for Andermatt

The program for the concert hall is curated by Andermatt Music under the direction of three young British producers: Maximilian Fane, Roger Granville, and Frankie Parham. They are the founders of the New Generation Festival, which is held annually in Florence, featuring performances by young musical talents from around the world.

The diverse program will see operas, orchestras, chamber music, and recitals, along with jazz and rock performances. The hall is capable of incorporating a 75-piece orchestra and is equipped with an electro-acoustic system for a greater reverberation time to allow louder orchestral ensembles to perform with optimum acoustics within the volume, making an even better musical experience for the audience.

Meetings and events among nature

Just as concerts held at this impressive location benefit from the high-quality technology, design, natural light, and scenery, so too do meetings, conferences, weddings and more.

With a capacity for up to 700 guests, it’s a venue with many possibilities for exhibitions, congresses, dinners and parties, and highly accessible. Delegates and invited guests will be delighted with the opportunity to ski after the event in this Alpine resort that’s growing in popularity with tourists. Andermatt sits 1,440 meters above sea level in the Urseren Valley and 100km south of Zurich.

A visit to Andermatt Concert Hall, whether an excited lover of music or an event organizer, is a memorable and rewarding experience.