Uri Historical Museum

Main focuses of the exhibition

The Historic Museum in Altdorf is a noble structure crafted in neo-Gothic style at the turn of the century in 1906. An outstanding collection of wooden figures, portraits, replication of Celtic treasures, the Alemannian tomb, models of several castles in Uri, several Uri banners, a classic collection of weapons, historic traditional costumes, ancient national customs, and even a stagecoach are available for visitors to explore. The current focus of the exhibition includes broad areas of interest such as churchly art—not to mention remarkable collections of wooden sculptures, portraits, folklore-like customs, and much more. The History Association of Uri is the supporter of the museum. Its main tasks are to furnish and maintain the Uri Historic Museum by displaying both the permanent and temporary exhibitions, complementing and cultivating the collection, performing inventory maintenance, exploration of museum objects, organizing meetings and events, coordinating guided tours, and maintaining the publication of museum annals. Although the museums in Uri are mostly of local and regional importance, some of the museum's display items in the collections are of supra-cantonal significance. Additionally, various museums are housed in protected buildings. Among the smaller collections, guests will have the opportunity to explore noteworthy cultural artifacts.

Galleries and Exhibitions

If you visit the canton of Uri, you will discover a variety of exhibitions. Landscapes, cultural sites, and museums formed in this space; they have characterized the culture of this canton from early on, simultaneous to the growing importance of the Gotthard pass. A vivid commercial and cultural life has been developing between the North and the South over several generations.

Take your time

Far away from the transit route, there is a lot to discover, including the religious and secular sites of art and culture. The cultural research laboratories on the mountain passes and the impressive trails that lead through the valleys are dedicated to specific themes around the lake. The panoramic circuit which guides you to rare species of flora and fauna and the exceptional crystal and mineral realm (that the region of Uri is representative of) is a must-see on the historic museum tour.

Education in art

The aim of the education in art program is to facilitate access to contemporary art for children, adolescents, and adults by creating exciting art experiences. There is a framework program attached to public events, conversations with artists, guided tours, workshops, and other attractions for every temporary exhibition within the museum collection.