Sasso San Gottardo

Experience many museums in one, as you walk through the heart of the Alps along kilometers of tunnels excavated during World War II. The Sasso San Gottardo Museum allows visitors to take a journey into both the past and the future, as well as to see natural and man-made beauty as they tour the differing and fascinating exhibitions at the heart of the mountain.

Historic fortress

Walk through hundreds of meters of tunnels before reaching the underground funicular excavated at the heart of the mountain that leads to a magnificent fortress, located under the Gotthard peak. This massive structure was built during World War II as part of the "Ridotto nazionale," a military strategy put together after Hitler's conquest of France. The fortress, which was in use between 1943 and 1999, consists of two gun batteries that protected the area, each equipped with two 15-centimeter cannons. You can also visit the rooms that housed a garrison of 500 men, a hospital with 87 beds and storage for water, foodstuff, ammunition, and fuel that guaranteed independence from the outside world for a few months.

Natural wonders

Marvel at the incredible crystals of the Alps as you go, in this truly unique experience that will be remembered for some time to come. Weighing 1.5 tonnes and covering an area of 3 square meters, the crystals have grown in a crevice in the mountain. They are now on exhibit at Sasso San Gottardo including a captivating movie about them.

A glimpse into Switzerland's future

The fortress also contains space dedicated to the contemplation of future challenges for the country. It covers topics such as meteorology and climate, as well as sustainable water management, mobility, habitat, energy, and security. Each theme examines the history of the Gotthard, before projecting into the future, in a stimulating and interesting way that makes use of modern multimedia technology.

Modern cave art

Placed in a large cave in the museum, you can also admire the enormous installation of Swiss artist Tullio Zanovello. At 7 meters long, 4.5 meters high, and 1.5 tons in weight, it offers a surprising and innovative vision of the mountain chain. With its seven folding doors and choral music composed by the artist himself, the installation is a truly unique, moving, and human show. Be carried into a world of amazing images and hearing experiences, in this 20-minute-long show centered on stories, legends, and famous myths from the mountain range.