Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral is a beautiful example of Gothic red brick architecture. Its rose-hued spires rise up from the ground reaching a height of 120 meters and its distinctive shape dominates the Uppsala skyline from every direction. As the seat of the Archbishop of Uppsala, this church serves not only as a historic record of Uppsala's religious heritage but also as home to a congregation of worshipers.

What to see in Uppsala Cathedral

The grand exterior of the Uppsala Cathedral, made from locally produced brick, is the first unique feature of this holy building. The brick often looks black silhouetted against the blue Scandinavian sky, but caught in rays of the summer sun it glows with a warm pink light. Once inside, the epic proportions of the interior make visitors crane their necks upwards in wonder, as soaring arches and columns rise up in dizzying symmetry. Step in and out of the small chapels that flank the French Gothic ambulatory and be charmed by murals depicting the life of Saint Eric, the patron saint of Stockholm. Learn of his life and the miracle many believe occurred at his death, when a magical spring is said to have bubbled up from the depths of the earth in the spot where his head fell. His remains lie in a resplendent golden coffin and his visage is recorded forevermore on the coat of arms of Stockholm.

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