Uppsala Castle

One of the most visited Uppsala attractions, Uppsala Castle (Uppsala Slott) dominates the skyline of this Swedish town, with its peach-colored walls hovering over lush gardens. Having its roots in the 16th century, the building has played host to many influential events and people in Swedish history and still does to this day.

The history within its walls

Construction began at Uppsala Castle in 1549 under the reign of King Gustav Vasa. Kings Eric XIV, John III, and Charles IX later expanded the castle. During this period, Sweden was one of Europe's greatest powers and the building was known as one of the world's most impressive renaissance palaces. Major events that took place at the fortress include the massacre of the Sture family in 1567 and the abdication of Queen Kristina in 1654. Unfortunately, in 1702, fire ravaged the castle. Reconstruction took many years and some of the stone was taken to build Stockholm Palace. Today, the castle serves as the residence of the governor of Uppsala County but also hosts the city's art museum. It is known as the childhood home of former UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold.

Visiting the grounds

Uppsala Castle offers guided tours where groups can walk around the grounds and inside the structure. View the impressive rooms and world-renowned art collection. The company also helps with events to be held in its magnificent halls, providing menus, catering, and decorations for big and small parties.
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