Uppåkra Archaeological Center

Want to go on a guided tour of the largest Iron Age settlement in Northern Europe? The guided tours at Uppåkra Archaeological Center are led by trained archaeologists and science teachers who, with their meticulous expertise, offer visitors the opportunity to travel back in time and rediscover magnificent Uppåkra – the largest Iron Age settlement in the Nordic region.

General tours of the settlement

Together with an archaeologist, guest will have the opportunity to visit the grounds where the Ceremonial House once stood. The tour is a good first step looking back on Northern Europe's first Iron Age settlement. The Themed Tour is an in-depth look at a special theme of the day. Themes include trade, religion, people, archaeology and the contemporary surrounding world. This tour is for history buffs. The Family Tour/Archaeology School is a fun family adventure. Together with an archaeologist guests will get to actually take part in the archaeology process – digging, cleaning and documenting their findings. The Gold Motif's Workshop (years 1-4) offers visitors the opportunity to make their own copies of gold motifs. The workshop lasts approximately 55 minutes.

School Tours at Uppåkra

Experience the exciting history of Uppåkra first-hand! Uppåkra was founded during the 1st century BC and abandoned more than a thousand years later. Visitors will learn more about Scandinavia's largest Iron Age settlement in a place that for more than 1000 years served as a commercial, political, and religious center of power.

Learn more about the Iron Age

Tours of Uppåkra (years 2-10) focus on the Iron Age and the people who lived in the region, how they fed themselves, their religion and the wares they used for trade. The tour runs approximately 50 minutes and is recommended for college-level students. Archaeology School (years 4-10) is more than just a tour. Visitors will receive an introduction to what it is like to work as an archaeologist. This interactive class includes an actual archaeological dig in prepared boxes, followed by documenting and a discussion of your findings. The archaeological activity lasts approximately 90 minutes. The Time Detective (years 4-7) is a pedagogic exercise focused on the process of interpretation within archaeology – which really is detective work. Beyond the basic tour, visitors will have the opportunity to interpret what could have taken place in Uppåkra based on the same materials that archaeologists use. This investigative activity lasts approximately 90 minutes. On Assignment at Uppåkra is a tour based on the children's book Assignment Uppåkra and last approximately 55 minutes.

Food and drink

Visitors are welcome to bring a snack or lunch to get through the day. Guests can eat in the garden or the big tent on the grounds.

Guided tour language options

Programs and tours can be booked in either English or in Swedish.

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