Swedish Museum of Natural History

With a collection of over ten million specimens, the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm is at the forefront in the preservation, documentation, and conservation of specimens.

Research mission

Founded in 1819 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Museum of Natural History has curated collections for hundreds of years, including everything from whales, pollen, minerals, and DNA samples. The museum is dedicated to its research and the discovery of species and fossils. Over 10 million items are kept at the museum, with the 60-person strong research team and 300 guest researchers making pollen forecasts every day, detecting environmental hazards, and contributing to around 250 research publications annually. The museum's research activities are divided into four themes: diversity of life, ecosystems and species history, man and the environment, and the changing earth. They address questions like the origin of life on earth and the evolution of animals and plants through time. Housing scientifically significant biological and geological collections, the museum has one of the largest natural history collections in the world, from whale skeletons to tiny flies and microscopic nematodes. The collections derive primarily from Sweden but also from widespread locations around the world, such as Antarctica and the Arctic.

Fun for the whole family

Take a journey through time and space resulting from human development in 7 million years, check out the long-range meteorites and sparkling gems, or have a look at the five-meter-long squid. Both children and adults can follow a discovery trail looking for Mulle's red hat-feather that is hidden somewhere among all the museum's animals. Don't forget to pay the gigantic dinosaurs a visit! Discover interactive exhibits and watch IMAX movies at Cosmonova, also the largest planetarium in Sweden. If you don't understand Swedish, no worries, teaching materials are available in English.

Museum shop and restaurant

The museum shop holds an exciting range of products related to nature: from cuddly toys to minerals. Excitement and knowledge can work up an appetite and Restaurant Fossilen is a perfect option to take a break and recharge your batteries thanks to simple and local specialties, like Swedish meat balls and delicious pastries.