Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal

Located on the banks of Edsviken Lake in the National City Park in Stockholm, the Ulriksdal castle garden might just be ten minutes from the city center but feels much further removed. It's the perfect off-the-beaten track gateway near the Swedish capital. The garden boasts the country's most representative range of garden plants, and the nursery, where visitors can buy plants, is the garden's key attraction.

Inspiration for your garden

In the garden shop, potted plants, accessories, and everything needed for plant care can be purchased. Seasonal flowers, seeds, pots, décor, soil, tools, and much more are at your disposal. Here you will find everything from potted plants to perennials and flowers—about half a million plants grow here without any chemicals every year.

Different styles have been added to the park throughout the years, creating a vibrant mix of Late Renaissance giardino and symmetric Modern Classicism. Don't miss out the narrow lime grove, especially in fall. During the cold months, the park turns into a winter wonderland. Take a walk from the church towards the steam boat jetty and enjoy stunning frozen lake views. In Spring, the park is renowned for its colorful parterres of tulips. The park's latest major transformation dates back to 1935, where the old parterre system was transformed into four large lawns. The round basins were replaced by a central square one, in alignment with the castle. 

Ulriksdal Palace

Spanning from the 17th to the 20th century, Ulriksdal Palace offers exciting interior design. It was originally called ‘Jakobsdal' for its owner Constable of the Realm Jacob De la Garde, who had it built between 1643 and 1645. The country retreat then got acquired by Queen Hedvig Eleonora in 1669. Several Swedish regents have left their mark on the castle. Queen Kristina even let her coronation proceed from Ulriksdal. The fascinating queen is also partly responsible for the redesign of the gardens and Queen Hedvig Eleonora commissioned the Orangerie in the park. Both the palace and the Orangerie are accessible to the public in summer, and exhibit chosen pieces of the Swedish National Museum's collection. The park is open all year round.

Garden Café

A visit to Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal isn't complete without a visit to the Garden Café, where a vegetarian buffet of international cuisines is served based on seasonal, ecological, and nutritious ingredients. The famous café published a cook book for bringing a green touch to your next meal.