Rosendals Garden

Located on Djurgarden island, in central Stockholm, Rosendals Garden aims to exhibit and share knowledge about sustainable farming, and gardening practices. The Rosendals’ Garden Foundation has been focused on educating about sustainable farming methods for almost forty years and is an advocate of the ''farm to fork'' concept. Visitors to the garden can learn about biodynamic farming practices: a holistic approach that only uses organic, locally-sourced materials. The site is renowned for its gardens and flora, and there is lots to explore. The Fruit Garden is a maze of apple trees and in the Rose Garden, around 100 species of wondrous roses are grown. There is also a Wine Garden where different types of grapes are cultivated to produce biodynamic wine.

Try locally grown ingredients

Fresh, seasonal produce is harvested at Rosendals Garden, and there is a vibrant selection of vegetables, fruits, and herbs available to sample on-site. The garden cafe is located in one of the greenhouses next to a large, outdoor terrace and tables are set out in the adjoining orchard in the summer months. Another popular attraction is the famous woodfired bakery and farm shop, which offers another great opportunity to experience the locally grown produce, from tasty bread to biodynamic fruit and vegetables. In addition, a carefully selected range of flowers, plants, seeds, and garden accessories are available in the plant shed. Advice is available on request from the gardeners on everything related to sowing, growing, and planting.