Bergius Botanic Garden

A green oasis in the middle of bustling Stockholm, Bergius Botanic Garden dates back to the 18th century but still continues to be a popular destination for anyone visiting and living in Stockholm. Bergius Botanic Garden was originally established to support research about plant diversity, but today it has evolved as a popular destination for everyone even though it is still owned and managed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Stockholm University. People flocking the gardens are all looking for different things—some are here for a family outing, some for a picnic, some to study the amazing flora, and some just to enjoy the beauty and diversity of greenery on showcase.

Edvard Anderson Conservatory

A prime attraction of the garden, the conservatory is open all year round and offers you a insight into different vegetation landscapes around the globe. In the vaulted halls of the conservatory, you can travel from lush tropical rainforests to dry desert regions in a matter of minutes. It is a perfect spot to give the young ones your family a geography lesson. 

Other greenhouses and gardens

Visit a historic building dedicated to the conservation of giant water lily, Victoria. The Victoria House is open only in the summer months, though. Stop by the herb garden to see a wide variety of medicinal herbs that were chosen as per a book written by the renowned physician and founder of the garden, PJ Bergius. Head to the Japanese Garden to relax or take some exotic pictures for social media. Take a walk up the mountainous rockery, admire the profusion of colors in the Rhododendron valley, or stop by the vegetable patch. There are many more areas in the garden that showcase the biodiversity of plants.

Good to know

The botanic garden hosts many events throughout the year. So, check their calendar to see if there is something that interests you. There are two cafés inside the garden serving both snacks and lunch. The garden is open every day of the year from 11 am onwards.