Liseberg is one of the most popular amusement parks in Scandinavia, attracting around three million thrill seekers each year. Full of rides, shows, attractions, and eateries, this is the perfect place for a day packed with fun for kids and adults alike.

Enjoy the ride

Liseberg truly has something for everyone, and spending the day in Gothenburg's historic amusement park includes access to more than 40 different rides. Daredevils will love Valkyria, Europe's longest dive coaster with a 50-meter vertical drop! You can also feel the g-force on Helix, which is the longest and fastest roller coaster in Scandinavia, and not for the faint of heart. Another attraction on the high-adrenaline side is AeroSpin, where you can make your own airplane spin high in the sky.

If you are in the company of young visitors, be sure not to miss Barnens Paradis (Children's Paradise), a playground for little ones with plenty of space to climb and slide. Liseberg also has a range of rides for kids, like the Flygande Elefanter (Flying Elephants) or the Hoppalång (a bouncing/spinning ride). Fun family rides are also available throughout the park, such as Balder, the wooden roller coaster, and Kållerado, a circular-raft water ride that takes you through rapids and waterfalls.

Entertainment options

Liseberg is full of thrilling rides, but you won't run out of things to do if you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Enjoy the beautifully landscaped Lustgård, a botanical garden with lush waterfalls and outdoor artwork. Near Children's Paradise, you can explore Emily's trädgård, filled with roses and dahlias. There are also many events on the various stages located around the park, offering options such as children's theater, rock concerts, or comedy shows.


When you're ready for a meal, there are numerous food stands and restaurants to choose from in the park. Sit down for a meal focused on organic and local ingredients, stop in for a quick hamburger, or cool down with some delicious ice cream. You'll be sure to find food and drinks to please every member of the family. If you'd rather bring your own food, there are picnic spots throughout the park for you to enjoy.

When to visit

Liseberg is open during the summer as well as for Halloween and Christmas seasons. The park has the most opening hours during the main summer season, but a visit during Halloween or Christmas can offer extra special decorations and events. Be sure to check Liseberg's website to ensure it will be open for your visit.