The Haga district lies south of the canal and is one of Gothenburg's oldest neighborhoods. Steeped in history, it is the perfect place for a leisurely walk along cobbled streets while soaking up the local atmosphere. Pop into unique shops and boutiques, admire the famous wooden houses, and enjoy the café culture.

Timeless streets

While walking around the neighborhood you will be greeted by quaint, timeless streets lined with old country-style buildings. The original houses were made of wood, which is a distinctive feature that adds to the charm of the area. Stroll down Nygata, the main street reserved for pedestrians, and check out the many independent stores and cafés. This place is filled with shops selling everything from local craftworks to exquisite antiques, and from designer clothing to specialist leather clogs. During the winter holidays, you'll find festive lights draped across the main street and decorating the buildings.

Impressive landmarks

The Haga neighborhood has two main landmarks to check out. You can't miss Skansen Kronan, an old fortress towering above the neighborhood. Brave the steep staircase or take the winding trail to get up close to the building. You'll get fantastic panoramic views of Gothenburg from the top. The former fortress has become a unique venue for parties, conferences, weddings, and other events. Haga's other notable landmark is Hagakyrkan, a historic church. Admire the beautiful architecture as you visit the church and the small park surrounding it. Religious services are still regularly held here, and the building also serves as a meeting place for the local community.

Time for fika

One of Sweden's favorite pastimes is fika, which can be roughly translated as a coffee break, but it holds much more meaning in Swedish culture. Fika usually includes coffee, snacks, friends and family, and a general emphasis on socializing. Haga offers many cozy café options to ensure you do not miss the chance to have your own fika. If you prefer to enjoy your coffee and treats outside, many cafés and restaurants offer outdoor seating, or you can find benches along Nygata.

Enjoy local food

After exploring Haga's many delights, you can try one of the numerous restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world. For a glimpse into how locals eat and cook, the farmers' market is famed for offering the very best local produce and organic food in Gothenburg—check it out in spring or fall. Of course, near Christmastime, you can find a Christmas market here as well. You'll find something for everyone to enjoy in the charming district of Haga.