The Bioscope

Are you an independent film lover? When visiting Johannesburg, stop by the Bioscope independent cinema for a night of full entertainment.

Getting the bigger picture

The Bioscope opened in the city of Johannesburg in the year 2010 to make an improvement in the variety of films being screened. Many good independent and international films were not being released in the regular cinemas, so there was a need to open a space where overlooked films could be offered to South Africans. The main aim was to expand the cultural knowledge of film that was previously only relying on blockbusters. The Bioscope was named as such because one of the main ideas was to bring back an attraction from the late 1890s that consisted of cinemas hosted in art-deco buildings and not the ones we know today located in the shopping malls. The theater is not only a place for screening independent cinema, but it also serves as a cultural space for people interested in involving themselves in the latest of the seventh art. The Bioscope hosts film talks, workshops, film festivals, and live performances. Make sure you check the calendar online to see what's happening during your stay in Johannesburg.

Experience the Bioscope

Watching a film at the Bioscope is a nostalgic and cozy experience that takes you back to the golden times of cinema. The venue offers a high-definition video projector with 62 comfortable seats and it is open seven days a week. The program consists of old art-house classics such as movies from Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, independent films from other parts of the world, or local South African films. You can find documentaries, short movies, and everything from classic to contemporary. Regardless, expect a provocative program that will make your night exciting!

Food & Drink

The on-site restaurant, Chalkboard, serves toasted paninis, pizzas, or salads. If you fancy having a drink before or after the movie, coffee, beer, and cocktails are available. Make sure to ask for the pizza & drink combo if you purchase your movie ticket online, to save some money. Many locals usually hang out around the Bioscope, so it is a nice place to meet people, too. For dessert, try Paul's homemade ice cream with fun flavors such as peppermint crisp tart or birthday cake—it is delicious. Check the Bioscope's social media for a Movie Weather day, because if you happen to be there for one of these designated days, you will get free refills on popcorn and hot chocolate all day.

Getting there

The Bioscope independent cinema is located on Fox Street on the ground floor of the Main Street Life building in the newest urban center of Johannesburg.