Groot Constantia Wine Estate

Founded in 1685 by Simon van der Stel, the first governor of the Cape of Good Hope, the Groot Constantia wine farm is a historic site for oenophiles the world over. Taking visitors out of the city, the picturesque estate became known during the 18th century for its sweet wines and its superior quality, which even caught the attention of kings and emperors. Authors including Jane Austen and Charles Dickens referenced the winery in their works, and Napoleon Bonaparte had monthly supplies shipped to him. Since then, the estate has recreated its famed wine, and renamed it "Grand Constance." At the estate, visitors can not only experience daily wine tastings but also wine and chocolate pairings and tours of the cellar. There are also two restaurants on site, as well as the Groot Constantia Manor, a museum that was once Simon van der Stel's original homestead. Guests can travel the "Vistors Route," a self-guided tour of the estate to gain an understanding of the winery and to taste the famed wine.