Park Tivoli

Wander through Ljubljana's largest and most beautiful park and find a whole host of attractions to enjoy. Tivoli Park is where the people of Ljubljana spend their leisure time. Laid out in 1813 as a place for the general health and recreation of the city's population, the five square kilometer park lies right in the heart of the Slovenian capital's center. Tivoli was designed by the French engineer Jean Blanchard in 1813, in the era when Ljubljana was a capital of the French Illyrian provinces. An Austrian governor continued the work of Blanchard, by designing the basic framework of the footpaths. The park has undergone many changes and additions over the years, including the Jakopičevo promenade pool Ilirija and a summer cinema.

A magnificent green space

There's many natural attractions to explore in this park in the center of the city. Visitors can go for a walk or run in scenic surroundings or enjoy one of the many features contained within the park. The park is divided into three major alleys, lined with chestnut trees and often encountering beautiful fountains and sculptures. Rent a bike from points throughout the park to get around the park in style and leisure. Set amidst rolling hills, Tivoli has many green areas for enjoying a picnic; from lawns to pastures and wooded areas, so remember to bring a blanket! There are also many adventure playgrounds for children to enjoy, including a fun and challenging mini-golf course. On the edge of the park is a small pond, alongside which you can find a small botanical park and a greenhouse.

Cultural hotspot

As well as the top spot for nature in the area, Tivoli Park also houses a number of cultural sights. The International Centre of Graphic Arts resides in the glorious 17th century Tivolski Castle, while the Museum of Modern History, which features exhibits on Slovenian history also makes its home in the park. In the southwest of the park. in an area designated as a nature reserve, you can find the city zoo. Jakopič Promenade (Jakopičevo sprehajališče), a popular outdoor gallery designed by the architect Jože Plečnik, is a well known outdoor venue for exhibitions of large-format photographs, open throughout the year. The promenade starts at the underpass and ends under the Tivoli castle. Castle Tivoli itself is located at the foot of the Rožnik hill, and in front of it is a beautiful pool with a fountain and a stairway with the famous cast iron sculptures of dogs without tongues. Behind this castle is the Jesenkova walking path. To cap off your visit to the park, look out for the monument to Primož Trubar at the entrance. Trubar was an early force in Slovenian literature and the creation of a national identity.

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