Devin Castle

A beautiful castle in ruins atop a cliff, Devin castle is steeped in character and has come to embody Slavic culture. The beautiful nature surrounding the castle makes a visit to the castle even more enchanting.


One of the oldest castles Slovakia, Devin castle dates back to the Moravian period when the castle enjoyed prominent position. Today, only the ruins remain but with a little imagination it is possible to imagine the glory days of the castle. The amphitheater, vaults, the castle well in the courtyard–all tell stories of a rich past. It has served as an important military fortress for centuries before being destroyed by Napoleon in early 19th century.

What to see

The castle's caves house permanent exhibits which offer visitors a unique way to get a sense of Devin Castle's history through the years. No visit to Devin Castle would be complete without stopping to admire the views from the watchtower, which is the most popular spot for taking photos of the scenery.

What to do

Visitors can wander around the atmospheric passageways, soak in the history of the ruins, or head to the nearby Devin village for a sumptuous meal at one of the many restaurants there. Devin castle also offers variety of activities for people of all ages, including a chance to use a bow and arrow.

Around the castle

There is much to explore in the countryside around the castle. Take one of the trails leading to other ruins around the main castle complex, explore one of the hiking trails, or trek down to river Danube flowing behind the castle.