Aupark shopping Mall

If you're looking to go browsing the aisles of over 200 amazing shops, without having to leapfrog around the city from one location to the next, you just may find the Aupark Mall to be the perfect place to satisfy your shopping bug. Aupark has the variety of shopping choices required to keep even the most seasoned shop-a-holic wanting for more. Every store in Aupark opens the doors early and keeps the doors open late into the evening. You'll find everything you're looking for, whether it be high fashion, sports gear, jewelry, interior home accessories, electronics, cafes, banks, restaurants and more - all under one roof. Aupark shopping center is one of the top Bratislava destinations for stylish shoppers or visitors looking to hang out with friends and family in a comfortable environment. Something for everyone You're sure to find the most popular fashion brands, attractive leisure time activities, cultural and sports events at the popular meeting spot.

Aupark has become the ideal place for meetings and activities of all kinds. Aupark shopping center is packed with 240 of the best shops you'll find in the region. Over 25 restaurants, cafes, pubs and fast food outlets offer a wide variety of options for different tastes. A huge bonus to round out your shopping day is the huge Sad Janka Kral'a park directly adjacent to the mall, with a big playground for kids. Another five minutes further you'll find Magio beach. The complex is easily accessible. And without complicated layouts, your shopping experience is made easy. All the shops are ultra-modern and the pricing of goods and services ranges from budget to top shelf. Shoppers will find everything they need, from elegance and sophistication to basic houseware needs to giant supermarkets, a pharmacy and a tobacco shop.

For both locals and visitors, Aupark shopping center has also become the central meeting place in the city. People often gather here to meet friends and sometimes new acquaintances. Aupark is gradually becoming one of the main cultural and social centers of the city boulevard. Its perfect location in the city center always gives visitors good reason to drop in the mall to pick up a gift, have a meal or meet for coffee. Transport connection and proximity to the pedestrian zone makes Aupark a convenient shopping center for those who want to enjoy their shopping without the stress. Shopping at Aupark, you'll find several stores that are also available in neighboring Vienna. The mall is very bright and nice, with great opening times, especially on Sundays, has nice washroom facilities and friendly staff at every store visited. Prepare for hours of shopping. Depending on your point of view, this could be an entertaining outing that may also stretch your wallet a bit at the same time.