River Number Two Beach

Relax on one of Sierra Leone's most beautiful beaches and enjoy a day of sheer relaxation and unspoilt nature. River Number Two is just 16km south of the bustling Freetown and is regarded as one of the best beaches in all of Africa. Run by a cooperative set up following the civil war, all profits go straight back into the community. Head to this peaceful seaside destination for fantastic swimming opportunities, picturesque views and delicious food, all in one place.

Relaxation and solitude

Unwind against the stunning backdrop of rolling green mountains on this untouched area of the peninsula. A seasonal river, known as Number 2, meets the sea, creating a lagoon filled with pretty wooden boats with peeling paint. During the week, this serene beach is almost completely deserted and deck chairs with parasols are available to recline on and enjoy the sights of the lush mountains and the turquoise sea. During the weekend, it's naturally a popular destination and so it is advised to arrive early to get a seat. Wade out through shallow, crystal-clear waters and swim through the gentle waves in this perfect environment for a dip. The inviting water doesn't contain even a small amount of sharp rocks, making it family-friendly and safe. Swim past the colorful fishing boats in the lagoon for a fun adventure among the locals.

Heavenly food served

After taking a swim, and perhaps enjoying a good book on a beach chair in the shade, you may have worked up an appetite! Luckily, the beach has many interesting options for you to get your fill. Naturally, seafood is in good supply here, with freshly caught barracuda and prawns that are grilled to order and served with spicy couscous. If that doesn't sound perfect, then choose between several other fish varieties such as lobster and crab or country chickens that have lived a happy life scurrying around in the village. All items on the menu are based on seasonal availability. The food comes with a plate of steamed or fried rice, or home-made fries from potatoes grown in the fields near the village. Have it brought to your seat, along with an ice-cold drink for that luxurious dining experience you thought only possible in the movies. You can also sample fresh coconuts and mangoes that are being touted by the unintrusive beach sellers. These make the perfect refreshing dessert after your delicious lunch.

Paradise found

It's no surprise that the beach is so popular with locals and tourists alike, this magnificent natural spot surrounded by mountains must be seen to be believed. It's no wonder that the beach was once chosen as the location for Bounty's ‘Taste of Paradise' advert. With temperatures at around 29C in December and January, it's the perfect winter destination. Head for this tranquil destination and visit the local village afterwards for its craft boutiques to pick up a memorable gift or souvenir from your trip.