Grand Casino

The Grand Casino is one of the only casinos in Sierra Leone. Situated on the western edge of the Freetown region, this recently constructed gaming hall features a wide range of activities, as well as a number of shops and stores for guests to explore.

Shop, play games, and more

The third level of the casino hall is the place where guests get their shopping done. Both tourists and locals enjoy the convenience of the Grand Casino being located in a regional shopping mall. Although relatively new on the scene, the Grand Casino is a place where guests will happily find most of the popular and traditional casino gaming options, including table games, slot machines, and much more. The casino itself is also linked to a hotel and designed to provide leisure activity tailored to both locals and international visitors. The Grand Casino is modeled after the Las Vegas-style casino, which often includes an attached hotel.

Enjoy the casino experience

While Sierra Leone and the area of Freetown may have many of its roots in conservative culture, the community is also focusing on bringing more diversified activities to the area for both locals and tourists to enjoy.

Comfortable, welcoming surroundings

You'll feel right at home as the Grand Casino was designed with your comfort and ease in mind—offering an exciting experience for locals and tourists on the hunt for a fun night out on the town. It is the ideal venue to entertain your business associates too. Whether it's shopping, entertainment, or a roll of the dice, the Grand Casino in Sierra Leone is the place to be when visiting the area.