Buddhattitude Spa Daka

The ultimate relaxation experience

The Buddhattitude Spa is inspired by the Buddha-Bar Paris with a decoration and feel that awakens the senses and evokes the passion for discovering oneself - all on the soothing rhythms of Buddhattitude compilations. The Buddhattitude Spa and B / Attitude beauty products has made the art of well-being and wellness overall a lifestyle aimed at balancing body-mind harmony. At the heart of Zen & Chic environments, Buddhattitude Spa is enriched by local cultural influences. Steeped in exoticism, our menu of treatments blends Asian traditions with modern techniques of well-being.

Special treatments

Let yourself go in the expert hands of our professional practitioners and discover our four new treatments, which include access to our Aquazone. For all reservations, we offer a 50-minute massage session, access to Aquazone and a facial massage with B / Attitude care cream.

Buddha Tea Bar

The essence of the Buddha Tea Bar concept is the harmony of body and mind with an attractive menu carefully crafted by the creators of the Buddha-Bar. The Buddha Tea Bar offers a trendy and friendly place to cool down or relax after a workout or spa treatment. Enhance your fitness and well-being with innovative cocktails, energy drinks, smoothies made from local and natural ingredients, and a tasty selection of teas, infusions and coffees.

It's about body care

The Buddhattitude Spa does all the right things to make sure your body is well taken care of. B / ATTITUDE BODY CARE products are made with an exclusive range of products based in plant extracts from the Himalayas. Let yourself go, de-stress, and discover a new world where comfort is king. Exfoliation, hair care, body wrap, steam room, massage and hydrotherapy are included. Ultra-Moisturizing Luminescence Care is a process implemented by the Buddhaattitude Spa that nourish the skin with a cocoa butter and relaxing massage treatment followed by a wrap, making the skin deliciously soft and silky. It's also about the face Visiting the Buddhattitude Spa means your face will also get the attention it deserves with FACE CARE B / ATTITUDE. These treatments are carried out with our exclusive range of products featuring plant extracts from the Himalayas. You can always customize your spa experience to make the most of every visit with Buddhattitude Care. Your feet are also pampered thanks to an alliance of reflexology, marmas points, Kansu (metal bowl) and Tibetan lotion. Or focus on the head with a Tibetan scalp massage infused with herbal oil and a relaxation of the shoulders.