Yanbu Historical City

Established thousands of years ago by the early Egyptians, Yanbu has long been an important crossroads for trade, and over the years, has also become an important economic center for Saudi Arabia. Its historic quarter, also referred to as Old Yanbu, features the restored residence of TE Lawrence, making it a bucket list destination for adventure travelers and history buffs alike.

Beautiful beaches and outdoor activities

With the seventh wonder of the underwater world at its doorstep, Yambu is the ideal launchpad for snorkeling trips and for discovering the sea's tropical marine life and stunning coral reefs. Diving spots are many, each of which boasts its very own spectacular bouquet of coral blooms. Barracuda Beach is known to be the perfect place to go fishing, and is home to barracuda, sharks, tuna and more.

Above-water attractions and activities

Yanbu should not only be pinned on maps for its sandy beaches and marine life, but also because it offers a wealth of recreational and leisure facilities. The city is dotted with elegant public parks and gardens, the most notable of which is Al Fairouz Park, which is surely among the city's most stunning places to visit. Here, visitors will find a 1,200 square meter landscaped design of the Kingdom – part of a larger effort to make Yanbu one of the Kingdom's largest tourist attractions.

An industrial powerhouse

A port city located on the western coast of the Red Sea, Yanbu has largely developed into an industrial hub due to its coastal location. And being located not far from the Suez Canal, Yanbu is also strategically placed for exporting its goods to European and American markets. Its growing industrial center features three large oil refineries, and largely caters to industries using gas and oil as raw materials – a true exporting giant in the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A historic town

In the historic quarter, the city's cultural center, many buildings remain beautifully adorned with ancient designs. Old stone walls are well preserved, and the city is making efforts to heighten its appeal. Small and quaint, the historic center is also home to what was once the house of Lawrence of Arabia. Hundreds of years later, locals were still afraid to enter the home, as it was said to be haunted by the ghost of the British officer. After an unexpected visit by Prince Sultan bin Salman, President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, it was decided that the house be renovated and opened up to visitors and tourists – a decision that has paid off. Locked between desert and water, historic Yanbu might no longer be a destination for spice merchants crossing the peninsula, however, its historic footprint is certainly still felt in its ancient walls today.