Yanbu Al Bahr Beach

Commonly known to locals as the "Spring by the Sea", Yanbu, Yambo or Yenbo, Yanbu al Bahr is a beach that has something to offer for just about any type of visitor. Yanbui beach is a popular destination and is known throughout the region for its miles of beautiful beaches, water sports and aquatic landscape. The city of Yanbu played an important role in the development of Saudi Arabia and was once a very famous port. One of the nicest and quietest beaches in the country, Yanbu Beach offers visitors a perfect escape from the city. Yanbu beach is well known to adventure enthusiasts and beach-goers, with plenty of water sports and activities to keep you active and entertained for the entire day.

Activities and adventure for all

Visitors can go scuba diving, sailing, fishing, jet skiing and much more. The beachfront park in Yanbu runs along the shore for miles. When looking to take a break from the action, guests will find several picnic areas, places to take a long stroll and playground spots for the kids to recharge. In general Yanbu beach is a pleasant area for both relaxation and adventure. Although large stretches of the waterfront are covered in stone or cement that slopes down to the water, there are several places where you can enter the water for a swim or snorkel.

The perfect place to relax

There are two primary sections of Yanbu for guests to explore: the North Corniche and the South Corniche. The port facility in Yanbu separates the north and south beaches. The South Corniche beaches feature the more modern side of Yanbu, with a nice marina and youth park, which are within a 10-minute drive to restaurants and shopping. The North Corniche beaches are a bit more traditional and laid back. The North Corniche also borders a nice park that is usually filled with families, singles, tourists and locals. Visitors can rent ATV vehicles here or even go for a camel ride. The beaches themselves are typical of the area and the Red Sea in general with crystal-clear water and moderate water temperature. From Yanbu, specifically, most of the beaches have relatively fine sand and the water is quite shallow (usually no more than 4 feet deep), until you get past the barrier reef - which is located anywhere from 150-250 meters from the shoreline. Once you get past the reef, the water will drop sharply to about 15 meters, then to about 50 meters all within a distance of about 100 meters beyond the reef. If you prefer to sit on the beach, the sunsets are beautiful. Be sure to bring a windbreaker along, as the afternoon and early evenings are sure to include a considerable breeze blowing inland from the sea.