Desert Sea Drivers

Dive into the depths with Desert Sea Divers

Make a splash on your trip to Jeddah at Desert Sea Divers. Here you can plunge into the crystal-clear Red Sea and enjoy the dive of a lifetime. Famed for it's diversity of flora and fauna, divers will not be disappointed when jumping in the water in Jeddah. Here you can enjoy visibility up to 30 meters, with wrecks, coral gardens, underwater canyons and caverns and a plethora of fish to behold. With the weather conditions being good 90 percent of the time, you're in for a treat with Desert Sea Divers.

Make a splash in the blue waters of the Red Sea

Renowned as an enviable destination for divers across the world, the Red Sea offers a one-of-a-kind experience for both diving novices and experts alike. In order to help everyone share and enjoy the experience, Desert Sea Divers has various offerings in Jeddah, making sure everyone can get in the water for some underwater exploration. With over 60 dive sites among the glittering waves off the coast of Jeddah, Desert Sea Divers offer their guests a personal experience while diving. Forget about having to share your dive sites with hordes of people, chances are you won't even see another dive boat during your trip. Having schools of fish, dolphins, whales and even sharks pass by you as you dive is quite an extraordinary sight to behold.

Become a PADI certified diver

If you've always wanted to become a PADI certified diver then Desert Sea Divers are ready to help you fulfill your dreams. Here you can complete several courses, from the kids-introduction "Bubblemaker" course to "Assistant Instructor" in a number of languages. Classes are held in an air-conditioned classroom and in their on-site swimming pool, as well as on the many dive sites available. After a delightful day diving you can head back to our hotel and relax in one of the many stylish rooms. From this well-placed hotel you can explore the cultural sights while also taking time to enjoy the Red Sea's fabulous crystal-clear waters at Jeddah Beach.