Castle Mountain Raum

Must see for nature lovers

If you're a photographer, nature enthusiast, hiker, climber, or just someone looking to spend some time away in a stunning region, Najran and Castle Mountain Raum are the place for you to visit. Located in southwestern Saudi Arabia in a region that borders Yemen, the city brings in locals and tourists who flock all year round to indulge in a diversity of natural, archaeological, and heritage offerings. Tourists swarm to Najran, Saudi Arabia just about any time of the year. From the peak of Mount Raum, located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia's Najran city, visitors touring the historic fortress enjoy panoramic scenes of the Najran villages and its oasis. The 1,000-meter high geographical jewel provides an incredible view of the city and houses, including a castle decorated with distinctive shapes and patterns reflecting the history of the region, its civilization and ancient architecture.

A view of the fortress

The fortress, which is also an archaeological site, is surrounded by a large external wall built of square stones and adorned with shielding balconies. It has five rooms, a roof made of palm wood and a winding staircase. Mount Raum is located to the south of the Najran valley facing the Abu Hamdan mountain - the highest mountain in the region - and runs parallel to the Wadi Najran watercourse. The fortress and the mountain mentioned in many poetical works are deeply steeped in local history and people's hearts.

Both sides of the mountain are covered in green

Three ancient pools in the midst of the rocky terrain, formed by spring and rain water, glitter in the sunshine at the lower side of the fortress. The water for the fortress is supplied from these pools. The location is one of the four most important tourist attractions in Najran apart from Al-Okhdud, Hima. Castle Mountain Raum is situated near the border with Yemen. The city of Najran is the capital of Najran Province. Designated a new town, Najran is one of the fastest-growing cities in the kingdom. Exploration trips to the mountain are organized in the fortress for interested tourists. Najrān city is famous for its archeological significance. Old Najrān was surrounded by a circular wall, 220 by 230 meters, built of square stone with defensive balconies. It contained several unique buildings. There is also a cemetery south of the external wall. Excavations of this site have uncovered glass, metals, pottery, and bronze artifacts. Square and rectangular buildings have also been found. It holds strategic and historical significance attracting tourists and explorers looking to document the area overlooking the heritage villages of Al-Hudhun, Al Qabil, and Djerba.