Fifa Mountains

Jizan is certainly a place for geological tourism with such vast contrasts of lush green vistas looming over treeless sandy plains. Make the most out of your time here while hiking up mountain ranges and simmering in a hot spring.

Go to a paradise untouched by man at the Fifa Mountains

This wonderful lush area is an attraction not to miss and has been a favored spot for local tourism for years. Although it is mostly an unknown attraction in Jizan, over a million locals come here to surround themselves with nature at its finest. The Fifa Mountains are also known as Fayfa and Faifa Mountains are said to be a "neighbor of the moon" and a "heaven on earth." The peaks go up to 11,000 feet above sea level and are the highest in the region. Check out the view from the top and explore the ancient fortresses built along the mountainsides to protect the area from invaders. Get amazing green photographs of the terraced landscaping on the slopes as you tread along lightly used paths criss-crossing the rocks. It will take you an hour and a half to drive to this land lover's paradise, but the journey is scenic and the experience is worth every photo stop you will want to make along the way.

Al-Khoubah hot springs

For those who seek a little pampering on their vacation, Jizan offers visitors natural therapy at the Al-Khoubah hot springs found 46 miles out of the city. These springs are the most famous in the region with water temperatures rising to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). Found within its bubbling depths are 14 known chemical elements, as well as gamma and alpha rays, considered a treatment for skin diseases and a cure for rheumatism. These springs are well known for locals but are a well-kept secret, so ask the friendly at our hotel in Jizan for some information on how to get there and what to pack.

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