Farasan Islands

The Red Sea is alive with a huge variety of fish, coral and crustacean species, and the Farasan Islands are the perfect place to see them. These islands are just off the coast of Jizan and are accessible via ferry. Head over to the islands to explore their history, culture, architecture and, of course, the famed corals that color the seabed.

Diving in Read Sea

Around 200 species of fish, 50 types of coral and 3 species of dolphin can be found swishing around in the waters near the islands. There are a number of dive sites, including the Marmar, Dohra, Shib Ammar, Goorgonian Point and Dannak. Depending on what experience you are looking for, you can choose from caves with reefs inside, sites with strong currents, turtle nesting grounds, dolphin pod meeting spots and more.

Farasan for non-divers

If you do not wish to dive, there are great snorkeling spots around these atolls. If you aren't looking to get in the water at all, the islands have culture oozing from the seams. From ancient architecture to wildlife, you are guaranteed to see some exciting sites. Much of the land here is protected as a wildlife reserve and as a result has a huge population of gazelles. If you are a history enthusiast, the old Ottoman Castle is located on a mountain peak. This Turkish structure has a strategic position as it looks over the coastlines and is an archeological gem with its untreated stone walls and palm roof. You can make your way here from Al Qassar Village, another main attraction on the island. This village has a large palm oasis and is also of archeological interest. Walk among old stone buildings and explore another world right across the water from Jizan. After a day exploring the Farasan Islands, diving, snorkeling and experiencing ancient Saudi culture, head back to our hotel in Jizan for a comfortable and stylish accommodation.

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