Al Rashid Mall

Enjoy Al Rashid Mall

The best mall in the Jizan area, Al Rashid Mall offers a space for visitors and locals to catch some good deals. You will find all the brands you need when visiting this sea front city. There are over 50,000 square meters of stores covering 3 levels, and the mall is in the downtown area and so easily accessible if you are discovering the city for the first time. Inside you will find an excellent variety of stores, including boutique shops and designer labels, as well as a large selection of women's clothing, jewelry and accessories. The mall also comes with its own entertainment space, including a small ice-skating rink, Toyland and arcade. Enjoy well-known food chains like McDonald's and Cinnabon, and take the time to relax when in Jizan.

Experience Kadi Mall

With a range of international brands, Kadi Mall is another great shopping spot. Facing out onto the corniche by the Red Sea, this space is a shopping experience waiting for you to discover. Head here for a day of browsing or join an event such as a fruit festival or exhibition. Kadi Mall has plenty to do if you are looking to spend a little vacation money on top quality products.

Stop by a Souq

In addition to great malls, Jizan has great cultural souqs where you can find local produce and hand-designed items. A souq is a market and this city has plenty of them. The best days to head to a souq are during the weekends and on Tuesday and Wednesday. Meet rare animals and birds and soak in the atmosphere. Locals come here to buy and sell, and it is an important part of the city's culture. Enjoy the shopping this city has to offer by visiting the top malls and souqs. When the day is through, come back to the resort and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing accommodation.

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