Buraydah Museum

The Buraydah Museum in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia is a great location to get a sense of the region's heritage. The museum contains many collectibles and artifacts from years gone, that symbolize the history of leadership in this Saudi Arabian region. The museum includes historical, scientific, and cultural halls in addition to a pavilion for Al Oqailat. There is also a special pavilion for King Abdul-Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud – the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – which includes his car, a popular heritage hall, and Aramco hall. You'll find your visit to this museum to be quite special as the most spectacular exhibit within the entire showing is the car used by King Abdul Aziz on his visit to the city. This enormous white Cadillac fills the entrance area.

Other exhibits take visitors through life in the region, showing mainly everyday household objects and mock-ups of living quarters. Realizing how far the nation has developed over the years from reliance on camels, oil and cars making a visit to this museum is an historical learning experience. Visitors can find a number of publications about Buraydah city and Al Qassim Province in the museum's library - a very good place for guests to reflect on the old style of Al Qassim's life - providing some examples of the tools that had been previously used in their ancient life. Although the museum is somewhat small in relation to many traditional museums, it is still possible to reflect on the history of this ancient region.

Having lunch at the museum

Visitors to this region of the country or any part of Saudi Arabia do not have to worry about locating Halal food as all the restaurants in the Kingdom serve halal cuisine. If tourists are unable to find a restaurant at the museum to their liking, there are several places to have a bite, and enjoy some of the delicious local cuisine.

Relax in the nearby park

Buraydah Public Park occupies 49,000 square meters and features a swimming pool, fountains, waterfalls, café, a children's playground and basketball court and is a great place to take the whole family after a day at the museum.

Shopping in the area

Visitors can shop for unique antiques, textiles and traditional arts in Buraydah. There are many shops located around the region where you can find souvenirs to take home and treasure. including Al-Othaim mall and Al Nakheel mall.

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