Zavidovo Nature Reserve

Discover the unspoiled nature around Zavidovo Nature Reserve, located a few hours from Moscow in the Konakovsky district of Russia's Tver region. The area has been deemed a national park of Russia and is recognized by UNESCO as one of the world's most environmentally sound destinations. Guests will have the opportunity to explore over 125,000 hectares of nature reserve area filled with a rich variety of species of fauna. The national park is made up of marshes, wetlands, meadows, and forests, including pine, birch, and spruce, among others. Zavidovo National Park is the ideal place for spotting wildlife. The reserve is home to at least 41 species of mammals (including weasels, ermine, brown bear, lynx, and foxes, as well as many species of waterfowl and ducks). Several community villages (about 90), with a total of 20,000 residents, also inhabit the reserve. The territory of the reserve is divided into three categories: under special control, under control, and uncontrolled. The area is teeming with the natural beauty of expansive vistas, the flowing Volga River and its waterways, and lush, green forests. The reserve is also home to a prestigious resort.

From retreat to modern-day resort and reserve

Fifty years ago, Zavidovo was a retreat where elite diplomats would travel from Moscow to escape to the countryside and unwind with activities like fishing and hunting. With large populations of deer, wild boar, grouse, and ducks as well as the many species of fish, it was easy to understand the attraction. Today, it is a modern resort that offers restaurants, cafes, bars, beach-front promenades, water sports, spas, and much more. It is home to Russia's first PGA championship golf course and a stunning marina complex. If you want to be one with nature or enjoy outdoor sports such as biking or horse riding, then this is the place to visit.

Enjoy nature, relax, and indulge

Leave the bustle of the city behind for the sparkling lakes and lush forests of Zavidovo. Explore the countryside on horseback or spend a day fishing or yachting on one of the resort's lakes and rivers. Practice your swing at the nearby Zavidovo Golf Club, Russia's only PGA course, or indulge in spa treatments without leaving the comfort of the hotel. Holding a barbecue is always a great way to bring together your colleagues, family, and friends. Breathe in the tempting aroma rising from the grill and admire beautiful scenery as you socialize or plan your next journey. Culture, nature, and history converge in this resort and unspoiled national park. From deep forests to monumental architecture, the Tver region of Russia is an ancient tribute to the history of the country. Travel to the Palace of the Empress and the home of the famed 19th-century composer Tchaikovsky. Explore the diverse cultures, archaeology, monuments, and nature reserves that are scattered throughout Tver, while enjoying the stunning beauty of Zavidovo Nature Reserve.

Radisson Residences, Zavidovo - Exterior
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