Trinity Church

The temple complex of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin Mary stands in the center of the ancient village of Zavidovo, a little east of the Moscow highway (112 km) - St. Petersburg (522 km). The ensemble currently includes two churches: the Dormition and the Holy Trinity, and also boasts a five-stories bell tower. The largest belfry of the Tver diocese features an impressive number of bells, reaching a total mass of 12.5 tons. Blagovest, the biggest one, weighs 1 ton alone.

Visit the museums

Learn about the history of Zavidovo village and the church complex, at the museum located in a former chapel and icon depository. Continue your tour at the Museum of Folk Crafts of Russia in the Sunday School, and marvel at birch artifacts, wooden toys and matryoshka dolls, as well as everyday life items like faience and clothes. Interactive programs are organized during school vacations. A third museums tells the story of the construction of the ‘Gosudarev road'.

Rare witnesses of the past

The earliest building of the complex is the Assumption Church. It was first mentioned in 1623 in the scribal book of the Klin district of the Moscow principality. The reconstruction of the end of the 18th – mid-19th century changed the original appearance of the church; nevertheless, its style and some architectural details belong to the 17th century. The Dormition Church is probably one of the earliest stone buildings erected after the Time of Troubles, that ended in 1613 with the establishment of the Romanov dynasty. Most likely, the church was built in the second half of the 1610s - early 1620s. In the first decades following the riots, very few stone churches were built in Russia, and even less are still visible. Standing next to the Church of the Dormition, the Trinity Church was built in 1781, replacing the wooden church of St. Michael the Archangel, destroyed in the 16th century.

Soviet time

In the 1860s, after the dismantling of the ancient bell tower in the central part of the temple complex, a new one was erected. In the 1930s, the Trinity Church was closed, and it became a warehouse, a granary, a glass-blowing shop for Christmas tree decorations. During the perestroika period - the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s – the production ceased. The complex was then handed over to the Russian Orthodox Church. Until 2003, the churches were mothballed as an architectural monument of local importance.

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