Multimedia Museum of History of Russia

The historical park, which tells the story of Russia in a new interactive way, is located in the city center of Volgograd, by the banks of Volga River between the administrative districts. Buses number 5 and 98 drops you off at the River Station and then it is only a 500-meter walk. The creation of the fantastic museum was a done by a joint team effort of artists, cinematographers, designers, and computer graphics that transformed the black and white Russian history from the archives to a fascinating interactive display to attract the new generations of digital natives. It is really an important for Russians to understand their history but also an interesting place for foreigners to visit and learn about a thousand years of Russian history. History has never been as engaging as in this modern museum!

Multimedia exhibitions

The Museum features four main multimedia exhibitions. The first one is about the story of the Rurik dynasty, between the years 862 to 1598 – years which had significant influence in the formation of the country. The history is portrayed through 2,750 illustrations, as well as in a video series about the life of Sergius of Radonezh in a 20-meter widescreen installation. In the next exhibit, learn about the times of the Romanovs between 1613 – 1917. Watch a documentary to take a deeper look in to the era or stop by the 3D installations specifically created to portray and honor this influential family in Russian history. The next exhibition covers the years from 1917 to the Great Victory in 1945, comprising the two World Wars and the three revolutions. The exhibits in this section are made to interact and to be touched by the visitors, so there are no fences on display. In addition, everything that is missing from the archives has been rebuilt on 3D. Put your glasses on, and you will enjoy the full experience. The last exhibition is titled Russia is my story. This exhibition spans the period from 1945 to 2016 and showcases interactive displays that dive in to the events that happened in the different decades, as well as exhibits with gesture control technology. 1200 people participated to create this exhibition, together with 30 historians. You will find also 150 quotes about modernity. 

In the footsteps of the President

When you visit this museum, you are following the footsteps of President Putin who visited the interactive museum in 2017 to honor the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad. In his speech, he congratulated the development of this kind of modern project so that people around the world can contemplate what their predecessors have done. Once you finish with the history round, stop by the gift shop to take home some souvenirs. They sell Putin themed tea bags. Note that the park opens from 10:00 to 20:00.