The Summer Garden

Located on the banks of River Neva, where you find the estuary of the River Fontanka, is the delightful Summer Garden. Locally known as Letniy Sad, this gem of a garden was founded in 1704. It was Peter the Great who ordered the garden built, and it is said that he was also personally involved in the planning of it. In its original state the garden was very well groomed and laid out according to strict geometrical principles. Walks of the garden were lined with marble sculptures made by Italian sculptors from the 17th and 18th centuries. These were especially acquired and are found alongside stunning fountains and rare flowers, as well as plants. Today 79 of the figures remain, making it the oldest collection of garden statues in Russia. The Summer Garden was recently reconstructed and now looks just the way Peter the Great originally wanted.

The Summer Palace

Inside the idyllic Summer Garden lies another gem worth visiting, the mansion known as the Summer Palace. This used to be Peter the Great's summer residence and was built between 1710-1712. Behind it was the Swiss Italian architect Domenico Trezzini, at the time highly sought-after in St. Petersburg. The design was, during its construction, referred to as "Dutch", and later known as Petrine Baroque. Named after Peter the Great, this was a favored style by him and his earliest successors. Not much about the building resembles a palace. Made up of two floors, this yellow brick building is quite modest in its appearance from the outside, with just a few decorations. The Summer Palace has large windows and a high roof that lets in natural light. After some redesigns in the 18th and 19th centuries, the interior was restored to former glory soon after the Second World War. Oak panels, beautiful stoves, paintings and engravings, as well as artifacts from the period, have all regained their beauty.

Visit Letniy Sad – The Summer Garden

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