The Petrine Baroque style building, known as the Kunstkamera, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, was completed in 1727 and designed by Prussian architect Georg Johann Mattarnovy. It is situated in St. Petersberg at the very heart of Vasilievsky Island, close to the State University and Rostral columns. This museum was the first in all of Russia, and today it’s the home of over 2 million items and artifacts.

Curiosities of the world

Established by Peter the Great, it once served as the Tsar’s personal curiosity cabinet, where interesting or rare natural objects and specimens were collected. These sorts of collections were quite typical of the time and served as a way to understand the natural and scientific mysteries of the world. Today many of these ‘curiosities’ can still be seen in the collection.

Impressive ethnographic collection

The Kunstkamera has been a well-known symbol of the Russian Academy of Sciences since its opening. It’s one of the richest ethnographical museums in the world and a well-respected scholarly center where research continues today. Discover the fascinating collection of traditional outfits, artifacts, and items from all over the world. It truly is a comprehensive collection of man’s cultural heritage and diversity.