Erarta Museum

The doors of Erarta opened in 2010, making it a relatively new addition to St. Petersburg. However, it quickly became a notable city landmark and has been hailed as one of the top cultural gems of the city. Its name comes from the combination of ‘era’ and ‘art’ – which can be understood as the ‘era of art’. The museum is the perfect place to visit for a deeper look into modern-day Russia first-hand through the country's own artists. 

A journey through contemporary Russian art 

The permanent collection highlights the artistic talent of many contemporary Russian artists, both well-known and new. It is the largest private museum of contemporary art in the country, featuring over 2,800 works of art from a variety of local artists. This collection includes a variety of different mediums, including painting, collage, installation, and video art. The museum also hosts a variety of interesting and exciting temporary exhibitions each year. 

Erarta is not limited to just the confines of its St. Petersburg location – it is digitally available through the Google Cultural Institute’s Art Project. The museum also participates in a variety of initiatives with the goal of bringing contemporary art closer to the public and fostering their interest in it.