Rostov State Musical Theater

Enjoy a performance at one of the biggest musical theaters in Southern Russia. Rostov State Musical Theater opened in September 1999, and is the successor to the 1919 Rostov Musical Comedy Theater, one of the best operetta theaters in the Soviet Union. 

This architectural symbol of the city is designed in the form of an open grand piano and contains two stages as well as a music and entertainment center. The theater hosts approximately 300 performances and concerts every year, as well as festivals and touring performances. 

Opera in Rostov 

Rostov-on-Don is one of the oldest centers of musical life in Southern Russia. From as early as the 19th century, many theatrical and musical societies existed in the city, while popular singers, composers, and artists performed there.

In 1869, the famous entrepreneur Gregory Valiano the composer Jacques Offenbach's work brought to Rostov from Paris. In 1892, entrepreneur Georgy Cherkasov created the first opera theater in the city, which existed for just two seasons. The city's reputation grew throughout the years, both pre- and post-war to become an international center for Opera. In September 1999, after several decades of design and construction, the Rostov Theater of Musical Comedy moved to a new building with a total area of ​​37,000 square meters and a stage platform. 

The history of the construction of this building dates back several decades. The young architects L. Lobak, G. Dukov, and V. Khafizo created a memorable silhouette of a building that would personify musical art, the piano with an open lid design. 

Center of cultural life 

Today the theater has world renown and many awards. Their repertoire includes operas, ballets, operettas, musicals, rock operas and symphonic concerts. The vocal troupe has more than 60 soloists, the ballet has more than 60 dancers, the choir has more than 60 singers and the orchestra more than 100 instrumentalists. 

The theater aims to preserve ancient musical traditions while experimenting in the field of contemporary art. The building is one of the most technically equipped and modern not only in the South of Russia, but throughout the country. In recent years, the company has toured in many countries such as Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and the United Arab Emirates, and has picked up many regional, Russian and foreign awards.

An enlightening visit 

Visit the Rostov State Musical Theater and enjoy a spectacular show, or simply admire the highly impressive architecture. There's also a museum on site, which presents the full history of the musical theater of Rostov-on-Don, beginning in the mid-19th century. 

Through a series of colorful displays, you'll learn all about the formation of the theater and the first performances. You'll also get a glimpse of the personal belongings of famous actors such as A. Shilov, A. Vetrov, and more.

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