Maxim Gorky Academic Drama Theater

Discover Russia's long theater tradition by visiting this theater when staying in Rostov-On-Don – the beautiful Russian city overlooking the Don River. Spending a night of entertainment at Maxim Gorky Academic Drama Theater will be one of the highlights of your evening. Their repertoire is extensive and brings a variety of performances to life – stories of Soviet writers such as Chekhov or playwright Ostrovsky, and even some international pieces from Shakespeare too. Make sure to dress elegant – suits for men, evening dresses for women – because going to the theater in Russia is a celebration.

Looks like a tractor?

Located in the square of Rostov, the theater dates back to 1863, when the first dramatic performance took place. However, the modern building you'll witness was constructed in 1935 and restored after the war in 1963 by well-known Soviet architects Shuko and Gelfreich. Rumor has it; it is one of the best theaters in the country. Curiously, after its reconstruction, the facade of the theater with white marble and columns gave a lot to talk about due to its resemblance to a tractor. Newspapers of the time described it as "a stone busty tractor with glass tracks and a dazzling marble radiator." And, architects like Le Corbusier have baptized it as a pearl of Soviet architecture.

Cultural gem

With luxurious interiors, the building is more than just a theater – it is a cultural institution of the city and it represents the authentic characteristics of the Soviet constructivism. A prototype can be seen at London's Natural History Museum next to the model of St. Basil's Cathedral, as an exquisite sample of constructivism in architecture. The theater is named after the late Russian and Soviet writer and dramatist Maxim Gorky, who was part of the socialist realism literary movement and a politic activist. His most well-known works are: The Lower Depths, Twenty-Six Men and a Girl, Children of the Sun, among others. He was friends with writers like Tolstoy and Chekhov.

Exhibits and Coffee break

The theater also hosts the Rostov Drama Museum history. Show up before your performance or pop by during the intermission, because it is a little gem. You will find interesting exhibits of photos and documents from the 20th century, costumes, posters from old plays, props and everything related to the art scene. Also, consider stopping by the coffee shop for a snack break. Dress fancy and visit this architectural treasure to get the full-cultural experience by attending one of their classical performances. You won't regret it!