Bunker Museum

One of the most significant sites in the city during the Second World War, the Bunker Museum tells the fascinating story of how the conflict shaped Kaliningrad. Both a seat of German power and then later capitulation, the bunker was opened to the public in 1967 to share its historical significance.

Exploring the Bunker Museum

The bunker itself was constructed in March 1945, shortly before the Battle of Königsberg took place. Acting as the headquarters for the Axis forces during the siege of the city, it was also the site where General Otto von Lasch signed the German surrender to the Soviet army following the four-day battle. The bunker was initially opened as part of the Kaliningrad Historical Museum and now showcases the struggle of the city and its context in World War II. The Soviet capture of the city had huge consequences for Kaliningrad, with it becoming part of Russia and receiving its current name following the death of Mikhail Kalinin in 1946.

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