Amber Museum

Providing a wondrous gateway to the past, Kaliningrad's Amber Museum is one of the city's most popular and intriguing attractions. Established in 1979, the museum is now home to a rich array of exhibitions about this "Baltic gold" that attracts thousands each year.

The Amber Museum contains over 11,000 items that are displayed on a rotational basis. The collection was originally established because of Kaliningrad's historical links to the fossilized sap, with the area housing one the world's largest amber deposits. Today the museum has at least 17 temporary exhibitions on show at any given time and even displays artifacts from as far away as Japan.

Located in old Rosegarten Gates, the museum is home to the world's second largest piece of amber. The displays include an exposition about famous Amber room and also showcases the copy of Amber Cabinet. The museum's collection also includes "The Abundance," a four-ft tall vase sculpted from the material, alongside an in-depth history about how amber is formed and used.

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