Vysotsky Tower

Vysotsky Tower is the most dominant feature on Ekaterinburg's skyline. It makes it into the record books for several reasons. Firstly, it is the tallest building in Russia, outside of Moscow. Secondly, it is the world's most northerly building reaching over 150 meters in height. This 54-story skyscraper is a modern addition to Ekaterinburg, in contrast to many of its historic treasures. Its glass facade reflects the surrounding buildings making the building even more visually interesting. The main purpose of the tower is primarily a business center with offices. It is located in the commercial heart of the city. A visit to the tower is a great way to orientate yourself with the city and at the same time enjoy the panoramic views.

Observation deck

Rise high above the city of Ekaterinburg for a view of the Ural region. The tower has a viewing platform on the 52nd floor where you can absorb spectacular panoramas. You can join an hourly trip up the elevators in organised groups, to a height 186 meters. From here, look out for highlights such as the Opera and Ballet House, Church of Ascension, Church on the Blood and 1905 Square. This view will give you a whole new perspective on the city. 

Vertical 51 restaurant

On the 51st floor, Restaurant Vertical 51 presents elegant dining with a spectacular view over the city. The menu represents traditional European cuisine created with the best of Russia's local produce. The bright dining hall, complete with a white piano and crystal chandeliers, offers a table with a view. 

Vladimir Vysotsky Museum

When you leave the tower, drop by the nearby Vladimir Vysotsky Museum and Cultural Centre at 51 Malyshev Street, also in the business district. Take a journey though the life chronicles of this much-loved singer and songwriter who was also a talented poet and actor. The museum showcases many of his personal artifacts.